Financial Services Overview

Enterprise Information Management solutions that contribute to revenue growth, increase compliance and security, improve transparency, strengthen your brand and increase profitability.

Around the world Banks and Capital Markets firms are facing challenges from increased regulation, ongoing economic uncertainty, risks, constant revenue and profit pressure and new competitors. Customer expectations are changing rapidly as technology enables real time commerce and financial activity. Regulatory challenges are accelerating globally and from regulators that did not exist two years ago. The entire Financial Services Industry is under tremendous pressure to meet these challenges yet must somehow increase profitability.

The number one goal of most Financial Services firms continues to be revenue growth which comes from adding new customers and increasing share of wallet from existing ones. This is equally true for retail banking, corporate banking and capital markets.

Compliance pressures demand rigor and discipline to create new capabilities to manage the explosive growth in regulations. Now unstructured data is increasingly important in responding to regulator requests.

Business processes need to be optimized in order to maximize efficiency and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization.

Corporate and institutional clients and regulators increasingly demand secure, flexible integration solutions that leverage emerging global industry standards.

The Benevolence Technologies help you:

  • Reduce time to revenue by automating manual processes and eliminating lag times for diverse areas such as Customer Onboarding, Loan Origination and Servicing, Compliance (such as Dodd-Frank, Basel III and FATCA), and anything else that requires workflow, process control and collaboration.
  • Attract and retain customers with multi-channel presentment technology.
  • Remove paper through ECM and Document Management, including eDiscovery, Records Management, Autoclassification, and Archiving for defensible disposition and get the most benefit from your unstructured data, and work more effectively with regulators.
  • Securely integrate with corporate and institutional clients, leveraging the world’s largest business network and Managed Services Solutions in order to quickly and efficiently meet client connectivity needs and generate revenue.
  • Use Social and preferred devices to communicate more effectively and securely, when and where your clients want, and include custom reporting.
  • Strengthen your brand with customer experience and media management , from creation of a new product to consumption by a client, while staying in Compliance the entire time.
  • Gain the benefits from the Cloud from a company with years of successful experience.

Featured Solutions

Client Onboarding

Get clients onboarded faster and easier. Make it a positive experience, capture data once and use again for upsell and cross sell opportunities.

  • Quicker time to revenue
  • Remove paper & manual processes
  • Better use of your resources, no delays or waiting
  • Compliance addressed and confirmed
  • Client able to start sooner, positive experience

Digital Marketing for Client Acquisition

Sell to those most likely to buy and improve the efficiency and results of call centers. Conduct multichannel campaigns driven by Marketing and without IT involvement.

  • Gain new customers
  • Tighten the relationships with existing clients by selling them more products and services
  • Monetize every touchpoint, maximize the value of every interaction, including customer service calls in a call center
  • Improve the results of cross sell and upsell opportunities

Treasury Management Integration

Increasing numbers of corporate clients are demanding host-to-host and/or multibank connectivity with their banks in order to automate their financial workflows and increase efficiency. In delivering client-facing solutions to corporates, banks must balance customer satisfaction with cost-effective servicing.

  • Enhanced competitive positioning
  • Quicker time to revenue
  • Eliminates need to maintain in-house expertise on protocols and standards
  • Supplement bank staff required for complex client onboarding or migrations
  • Reduced operational costs

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