Government Bodies

Digital Transformation Creates a Better Way to Work

Public sector organizations are experiencing fundamental changes to the way they work, interact with their customers, and approach business processes in this era of digital existence. OpenText Suite 16 and Cloud 16 present complete, integrated digital information platforms to help public sector companies with their digital transformation. Better engagement, productivity, and innovations require the ability to derive conclusions and predictions from your data. Suite 16 and Cloud 16 enable data-driven business processes that allow you to discover and prioritize opportunities, rapidly test solutions, evaluate results, approve and implement outcomes with solutions that cut across internal boundaries and silos. Analytics and reporting, connected workspaces, and new user-interfaces are embedded across OpenText solutions.

The Benevolence Technologies help you:

  • Tap the hidden value of your agency’s information in daily activities
  • Maintain your information securely while making it easily accessible.
  • Streamline operations by digitizing paper to automate and consolidate processes
  • Find information quickly and accurately and redact it for litigation with e-Discovery
  • Retire old applications while preserving the information you need
  • Deliver citizen benefits and services faster and more efficiently
  • Integrate information enterprise-wide within your existing IT landscape.
  • Meet transparencygovernance, and compliance requirements

Featured Solutions

Digital Information Readiness

Know what you have and where it resides—PII and sensitive, duplicate, or inaccurate data abound. Use our unique info-fusion and discovery capabilities to reveal and make decisions on your data before you act on it to move it to the cloud, apply Big Data analytics, or release it as open data.

  • Retire legacy applications without losing valuable data
  • See content across your IT landscape with drill-down heatmaps
  • Organize and access data to determine its value
  • Secure vulnerable content and reduce risk
  • Rationalize information across your enterprise with confidence

Digital Records Compliance

Capture and manage agency records digitally, from email and documents to video, photos and social media. Auto-classify and make information searchable from origination to final disposition—rated the world’s best Government Records Management software.

  • Save time, money, and improve mission performance–govern agency information and link it to daily tasks
  • Meet records compliance mandates and standards (DOD 5015.2)
  • Streamline and improve accuracy with automated document categorization and filing
  • Integrate quickly, easily, out-of-the-box
  • Reduce legal costs with eDiscovery

Financial and Audit Compliance

Capture purchasing and contract documentation and make it easily searchable for daily reference, audits, or litigation. This application meets the rigorous requirements of government accounting systems and audits, and prepares you for transparency mandates.

  • Lower finance risk; simplify and unify financial, procurement, and contract records
  • Address material deficiencies and save time by relating compliant supporting documents to ERP transactions
  • Create a single source for agency financial information and Open Data/DATA Act requirements
  • Enables easy audit package assembly without imposing on finance staff

*Content Source: OpenText