Insurance Overview

Enterprise Information Management solutions that can help you to strengthen your brand, improve communications with customers and agents, increase customer satisfaction and automate processes to increase profitability.

Insurance companies are facing challenges from increased regulation, lost revenue from low interest rates, technology changes and the need to cut costs to make operations more profitable. You still have to sell more policies at rates that reflect the risks involved.

The Benevolence Technology has extensive experience in working with Insurance companies to help them improve customer loyalty, maximize the lifetime value of a customer and reduce operational costs by optimizing processes using case management.

You can optimize your business processes such as Claims Processing, Underwriting, New Business, and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization. The Benevolence Technology solutions help you:

  • Accelerate time to revenue by automating manual processes and eliminating lag times through the use of case management to get a single view of the customer, eliminate NIGO, sell more to the same customer, respond more quickly to agent requests and improve call centers.
  • Use case management for Claims Processing, Underwriting, New Business and for any operation that is manual and requires workflow and collaboration.
  • Attract new customers and retain existing ones with multi-channel presentment technology called Customer Communication Management.
  • Use Social and preferred devices to communicate more effectively and securely with agents and clients.
  • Remove paper through ECM and Document Management, including eDiscovery, Records Management, Autoclassification, and Archiving for defensible disposition and get the most benefit from your unstructured data.
  • Strengthen your brand through with our Web Engagement Management, from creation of a new product to consumption by a client, while staying in Compliance the entire time.
  • Gain the benefits from the Cloud from a company with years of successful experience

Featured Solutions

Claims Processing

Faster processing helps to ensure renewals, makes agents happier and gives them an opportunity to sell more products. Make it a positive experience, and eliminate expensive manual efforts and handling and storing paper.


  • Automation in Claims Processing reduces costs, fosters goodwill
  • Gain economy of scale as few people handle many more Claims
  • Better use of your internal resources, use technology where it can add value
  • Add or delete processes based on human judgment by experienced personnel
  • Improve the client and agent experience

Client Management

Optimize the customer experience, improve customer loyalty, and reduce operational costs of managing customer interactions with a 360 degree view of client cases, processes, content, and correspondence.


  • Streamline insurance processes with dynamic case management
  • Accelerate decision-making with a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Deliver an elegant front-end to your existing systems
  • Improve visibility with pre-configured reports classified by client, policy, claims, and activities

New Business & Underwriting

Drive operational improvements for significant bottom line impact. Avoid costly rework, and dissatisfied clients and agents, while getting business on the books faster and with less effort.


  • Gain significant productivity improvements, accelerate time to value
  • Save time and money by avoiding NIGO
  • Sell more products, build the relationship with single view of the customer
  • Create new channels for sales
  • Track all client contacts and information in one place, improve agent productivity

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