How much your business can save with ECM?

In this digital age of cloud services, content streaming, and online databases, it’s surprising that businesses are still choosing to base their workflow off antiquated printers and file cabinets – a practice that’s been in place more than 40 years. At Benevolence Technologies, We believe it’s time to update your business infrastructure and start saving with Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

1. How much are you spending?

To cut the chase the average company with less than 500 employees spends upwards of $35,000 annually on printing alone.

How much paper is that?

Each employee are printing 400 pages per month

Every document copy from HR, accounting, legal, employee onboarding, customer statements etc., It adds up to 60,000 pages per year.

But How?

73% of the employees using the printer at least 4 times a day. with all the time spent crowding over the printer, replacing the toner, and unjamming the paper tray, expect to spend over $27,000 per year just to manage their printing habit.

2. What could you save?

Unsurprisingly the recent study conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) showed that nearly 49% of modern companies have cut back paper consumption.

For those who have implemented paper-free office software, 59% achieved payback in less than one year. 84% in 18 months.

3. How do you do it?

ECM implements document management – the storage, modification, and sharing of local files in one digital network. It cuts overhead costs, eliminates manual tasks, and reduces paperwork.

ECM optimizes company workflow – the expedition of data input and review, automatic routing and notifications, and quick access to project files. It provides better services, incorporates newer technologies, and increases workplace efficiency.

Utilizing Benevolence Technologies ECM services has the potential to bring your business out of the analog age and into one that is fast, secure and sleek. If your business can shake the tradition of old-fashioned printing, the value of adapting to Enterprise Content Management sooner rather than later is critical to its relevance. bounce into the new age with Benevolence Technologies and finally automate your tedious paperwork.

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