10 Things you should know about Document Management in the Public Sector

  1. Document management dominates: Over 80% of respondents agree improving document management is the priority for them personally and for their organization.
  2. Now is the time to modernize: 68% of the organizations are actively modernizing their approach to document management.
  3. Process automation is a natural component: 1/4 of respondents plan to automate a process within 12months.
  4. You can start small or go all in: 37% of organizations implement document management agency-wide. 23% in a single department and 22% statewide.
  5. Fast and configurable are key: When looking to procure, over 1/3 of organizations prefer a heavily configurable commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) solution. Only 10% prefer to develop a solution in-house.
  6. Feature-rich is the new currency: The most important document management are -(Retrievable Records – 77%; Digitized Forms – 59%; Electronic Routing – 50%; Error Recognition – 30%).
  7. Not all solutions are created equal: Respondents say some are unmet needs with current solutions are – (Ease of use – 48%; Storage – 35%; Security – 32%).
  8. Procurement roadblocks exist: 38% of respondents say integration with other systems is the greatest challenge when justifying the need for a solution.
  9. Department heads seal the deal: 64% of respondents say department heads are decision-makers most commonly involved in the procurement process.
  10. It’s all about the 3s security, simplicity, and savings: Drivers in selecting solutions are – (Security – 60%; Ease of use – 49%; Cost savings – 45%).

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