What Digital Asset Management can do for you?


Digital Asset Management (DAM) comes with the economic means that for centripetal, locating, managing, pursuit and sharing digital assets within the organizations. It’s a central repository for documents, photos, videos, graphics, presentations and all other types of media.

A digital asset includes any type of rich media in digital forms like documents, graphics, presentations, audio, and other media files. The digital asset management process includes creation, manage, deliver, track and reuse of digital assets.

Digital Asset Management plays a vital role in most of the large enterprises, corporate and Public limited companies. But still, one out 10 companies are already using a digital asset management solution. The value of your organization’s digital assets reflects in the time, and creative investment accelerates brand growth and makes marketing enablement.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

  • Cultivate and create Brand Consistency
  • Share and publish content
  • Support Workflow Capabilities
  • Measurable ROI
  • Search Engine with MetaData
  • ReUse and RePurpose Digital Assets
  • Increase efficiency by locating the exact file instantly

Why Digital Asset Management?

For every dollar spent the ROI is between $8 and $14. According to Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR), Digital Asset Management is worth $1.6billion and in 2019 it may rise to $4.12 billion.

Why OpenText DAM with Benevolence Technologies?

  • Speed of Deployment
  • Cost Savings
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility
  • Regular Updates
  • Better End-User Experience
  • Faster Business Response Time
  • Better Access
  • Better Control of Assets

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