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Government agencies are increasingly turning to enterprise content management (ECM) software to control their documents and processes. ECM software helps government organizations deliver and share content and documents. It manages the information lifecycle from initial document creation or captures through management, archiving and preserving, to disposal. Content managed by ECM includes paper and scanned documents, electronic forms, emails, data streams or even screenshots.

Benevolence enables the government to fulfill its commitment to maintain and safeguard public records while supporting governments’ ability to effectively deliver information to the public.  While Benevolence represents a centralized management and repository, User and UserGroup rights and privileges to control what documents and information can be accessed and viewed by each department.

ECM Technology allows centralized management of documents and information generated by:

  • Urban planning/zoning
  • Economic development/tourism
  • Public works
  • Parks and recreation
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Emergency medical services
  • Emergency management
  • Accounting/finance
  • Human resources
  • General counsel/city attorney/risk management
  • Transportation
  • Information technology
  • Housing department
  • Municipal court

In addition to effective inter-department sharing, Benevolence enables the government to:

  • Reduce use of paper documents
  • Protect from information loss
  • Securely exchange records between levels
  • Effectively meet public record requests
  • Prepare to offer public self-service access
  • Consolidate IT infrastructure
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