Telecoms, large and small, are leveraging ECM technology to drive down expenses and increase efficiency across their organization.

Benevolence, in addition to establishing a central and secure repository for critical business documents, enables Telecoms to consolidate IT infrastructure while increasing visibility of information to management, staff, and line employees.

Benevolence offers front-office and back-office solutions that enable you to do more with less.

Business Planning:

With one click, managers can retrieve groups of documents and data specific to the subject at hand. That’s instant insight into sales reports, market data, product/service issues, customer feedback, financial reports, and more, allowing them to be informed and prepare to take action and make decisions.

Account Management:

Integrate existing CRM systems with Benevolence using Application Enabler to provide users a 360 degree view of account-related information from other sources. Users have this expanded view without leaving their CRM client application. Quick response to customer inquiries means increased customer satisfaction and lower overall support costs. This is “Extreme Customer Care”.

Interconnection & Billing Management:

Benevolence serves as the “system of record” repository for Telecom billing information and reports. Once imported, the data begins a lifecycle of distribution, processing, and retention defined by you.Benevolence distribution modules include CD/DVD Authoring and Publishing allowing you to parse records and reports for distribution and archive.

Customer Communication Management

Our Customer Communication Management is a Single Platform available on all the channels (e.g. Web, Email, WAP, SMS, Blackberry, Voice SMS, Music Messaging, Sponsored Call, Spice call, Brew etc) with Multiple Delivery Mechanism.

  • User can pull or Information can be pushed to the user using Email, SMS, Voice SMS and Blackberry.
  • Right Information for right person.
  • High Level of Security & Easy Administration.
  • Single Point Charging Configuration.
  • Handset Specific Content Delivery.
  • Contests, Gaming and Tele-voting.
  • Convergent Content Management & Open Interface for 3rd Party Integration.
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